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Update as of Thursday, February 4 2010 on the Maranatha School and Orphanage in Haiti

New York Group Arrives with More Food and Tents: Richard Laurent, Haitian-American supporter from NY, and a few other fellows just arrived at Maranatha via the DR for their 2nd humanitarian trip. They brought 60+ tents, donated by individuals in NY, as well as by Tent City. Thanks to the New Yorker’s for providing our Haitian neighbors with a home! Richie also filled the bus with more than 1,000 lbs. of food. Crossing from the DR was difficult this time, as the border patrol are now regularly shaking down folks bringing in humanitarian aid. A couple of tents were sacrificed to this process.

Moving Children to Safer Location: Today we are moving our children to our friend’s facility, called Children’s International Lifeline (CIL) near Arcahaie, up in the mountains. Don Curtis is the CEO of this Christian NGO that feeds 2,000 kids a day, in 8 schools and a dozen feeding stations. Donald’s parents are presently living at the facility. Don called and said “Mom….I just had 30 babies, and they’re all coming to stay with You!” It’s about 15 miles northeast of Maranatha, although you must drive thru Cabaret, so it seems like 100 miles. CIL does not usually house children, but is set up as a missionary destination, trade school, medical clinic, pastoral training center, and worship site. It is equipped with American amenities. Our kids are going to think they’ve gone to the Ritz Carlton! See more about CIL in this link:


CIL has agreed to house the children, and 5 of their caretakers, until such time as we can rebuild our facility, roll-up into another organization, or evacuate to the US. This temporary arrangement is a blessing beyond anything we could have imagined. Every mother knows the burden of asking a neighbor to watch her children for one evening. Imagine asking for months of babysitting! It was difficult for me to request, but Don Curtis is a Godly and gracious man, loves the poor, and gladly made arrangements to accommodate us. His mom is excited, as well.

Food/Water at the School: We have sufficient food for a couple of weeks. Remember that we traditionally fed about 150 kids daily, and the Source Matelas families depend upon us as the only meal for those kids. We will continue to feed the school children, and share with the village what we can. Mike and Bryan have registered with several NGOs, and hopefully a regular supply of food will be flowing shortly.

School Activities: Maurice (The Orphanage and School Director) is anxious to begin some type of academic work immediately, even if it must be done in the street. He is concerned about the massive disruption in the kids’ routines. He is figuring out how a make-shift operation can be conducted that is away from our treacherous building to avoid the dangers of collapse.

Delegation from New Orleans: Arrives today. This group of 7, called the Emergency Village Project, part of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation, are a collection of city-planning, surveying, community organizing, construction, medical and infrastructure professionals who learned the hard way that citizens only have themselves to rely upon for rebuilding. Their group now travels around the globe to disaster sites, helping local communities create sustainable, permanent infrastructure and communities FROM DAY ONE. No tent cities; no trailers. They have a model which brings villages “out of the hole” with the collaboration of Louisiana professionals and 100% local labor. They will determine whether Maranatha in Source Matelas are the perfect village to perhaps bull-doze and start fresh. They will be meeting with Mike today. You can read more about their intentions here:


Evacuation Status: The Idaho group and their impulsive disaster seems to have intimidated some of our politicians. However, we must remind and educate them on the HUGE difference between ourselves and other “orphanages”: We are ALREADY the licensed guardians of these registered kids. Our kids are not “new” orphans, but we have been legally responsible and providing for them for years. This distinguishing difference must be continually brought to the forefront of every conversation. I’m feeling like Moses these days: Let my people Go!

If you feel at all compelled to give please visit www.lifefortheworld.com

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