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Tutor/mentor leadership and networking conference

I attended the Tutor/mentor leadership and networking conference from may 28 to may 29,2009. The conference was

held at the Northwestern University School of Law. I was worried about talking with many people because I can't speak

English well. I realized that I don't need to worried about what I worried because most of them told me first. I can have

courage about talking with people. There are impressive workshop for me. One of the most interesting workshop is that

Issues of Non Profit Management - 10Tips for Staying Ahead in this Economy. This conference is help to leaders how

staying ahead fundrasing and marketing stategies in the bad economy. Nowdays, Economy is so bad and nonprofit

organizations are facing difficulties. I think it is very difficult to get attention for donating from doner. I realized that we

should establish effective strategy for increasing donation. Also, tutoring and mentoring program was very impressive for

me. It is the first time to see like big conference for handling tutor/mentor program. That's because this kind of topic

are not often handle in Korea. Even if, some organizations are implement tutoring and mentoring program these

days ,but it is not very popular yet in Korea. I was also impressed that USA goverenment and many organizations are

very concern about tutor/mentor program but Korea is not much. I envy that USA government and many organizations

behavior and management. I was very thanksful to invite me like this big conference. It really means a lot to me. I want

to applaud people who work in organizations. Also, I want to do everything in my power to assist you. Thanks for


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