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After a long weekend attached with 4th of July holiday, I stepped into the third week of my internship. With the previous 2-week browsing-around on Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection's website and library, I started to think that I've already gone into the right orbit.

Much like last week, Mike assigned Jenny and me with a list of our local business neighbors to contact with. We were supposed to find their publication affairs offices' email addresses and ask them whether they are interested in sponsor our benefit concert in late August.

I remembered when I were doing the similar job last week, I was quited frustrated when I found my requests often grew out of knowledge. I was so confused why people can be so indifferent and showed my annoyance in my blog. Fortunately, Dan and Bradley's replies comforted and encouraged me to be persistent. I began to understand, working for an NGO or non-profit organization like this, I have to arm myself with persistence so that I won't be beat down by the up-coming difficulties. I should be trained to get a thick skin ;)

This change of my thoughts really leads to a better result! Instead of being depressed by the dull assignment, I checked all the companies' websites thoroughly and send them emails one by one as if they would never turn me down. Eventually, I've got a reply from AAIME Business Association who kindly offered us a raffle item!

To summarize my third week, I'd say it was successful. I say it like that is not only because I finally found myself make a difference for CC T/MC, but also because how I found the change of attitude help in my work. Now I enjoy my working time during the weekdays. Seeing people coming to our place on and on everyday is a great joy to me, since I know with one more people coming here, there are one less left in helplessness. Looking forward to more challenges next week!

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on July 10, 2010 at 11:49am
Thanks Willow. In the coming week I'd like you and Jenny to update your "network maps" to show who you've added to your network since you came to Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, and who you've added to the network by your blogs, email, networking with friends and family, etc. It's this constant outreach to people who might be interested, and might pay attention because they know you, or are interested in who you are, or where you come from, that build relationships, and responses.

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