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In Harvard Business Review’s September issue, there’s an article—“A New Alliance for Global Change”—that predicts nothing short of a paradigm shift toward a new business-nonprofit partnership: “Collaboration between corporations and CSOs [citizen sector organizations] has reached a tipping point: It is becoming standard operating procedure.”

After stumbling into the New York Times’ Economix Blog today, I saw this graph under the headline “Corporate Profits Near Pre-Recession Peak”

As you can see, second quarter earnings for 2010 are hovering around the third quarter 2006 level, despite the Labor Department’s disappointing announcement that the jobless rate rose to 9.6% this month. If Harvard Business Review is correct in its assessment of the nascent partnership of corporations and CSOs, then this seemingly paradoxical news shouldn’t make me wince that much. It would suggest that the current quarterly success of corporations reflects, if only in small measure, the concurrent success of organizations such as Cabrini Connections and TM/C. But is this the case, yet?

I attempted an answer in the attachment: The Future of Wealth.pdf

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