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I encourage you to visit the groups section to see work done since January by interns from Korea and India (by way of Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan.

The work one team did was to convert the graphic on this page to an animated presentation which you can view from the UMichigan group page. The graphic illustrates how we're trying to connect people from different industries, different universities, different countries to each other and to information they can use to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow in big cities, and be more effective helping kids.

We've already been sharing the work these interns do on web sites like the Tutor/Mentor Institute. And blogs posted on the University of Michigan site are spreading the news of this work through their network to even more potential partners.

Visit the Maps group to see work done by another intern from the University of Michigan and visit the Chicago-Korea TMC group to see work done by two interns from Korea who were with us from mid January to the end of February.

This work illustrates ways colleges and interns from different cities can be helping tutor/mentor programs in their own cities, and how we can be networking and sharing these ideas and applications in forums like Ning.

Go out and spread the word and the group's size and impact will multiply.

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