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Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference
May 28-29, 2009

I attend to the conference for two days in Northwestern University Law. I had attended several conferences while I was in the work shop, and I spend my almost time to take a picture of process about conference.

First of all, there were many kind of people in their and each of thwy have many different environment, background, education, face color, and etc. I could talked with a lot of people and all they were greeting me. They had interested in South Korea and asked lots of questions me about Korea's volunteering or problems. During conversation with them, I felt pity about their face color or wealth and poverty problems. I think those are more big issue in America than Korea, and it was more serious than what I thought about that in past. Fortunatly, America government and organization already know about that, and they have making effrots to solve those problems, and cabrini connection is one of the most important part in their.

Honestly, I couldn't listen carefuly about work shop, because I kept walk around to take a picture and I couldn't decided to one what will be more interesting for me. There are so many kind of great work shops and topics are enough to have make concern. However, I have felt envy about this conference like tutoring and mentoring, and I thought our country, South Korea, also need to make effort in this field.

I really have impressed by this conference, I can learn about problems in America and getting have more understanding about those people. I feel honored work in cabrini connection, and thank you for give me a chance to having this experience.

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