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It is rebuild a 'Become a volunteer' project. This version is not finished yet. I'd like to revise the list below.


1. It is too fast. So, I will control displaying speedy.

2. I will add our(T/MC) logo/symbol, and then it could connect our website, if you click the symbol.


finally, after I finished these list, I will record voice for specific descriptions.


Could you give me an advice for my project? lol ...





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Comment by Daniel Bassill on February 9, 2011 at 10:31am

This looks really good.  Please review pages 12 to 16 of this pdf


This is what was  used to create the first version. In the work you've done so far you have illustrated steps a, b, c and d. 


Now you need to show steps e, f, g, h, and then show the role of the Tutor/Mentor Connection in the middle as volunteers go to their service and as they leave and go back to talk with friends and co-workers.


This middle part is the "white" line connecting the two halves of the service learning loop which I pointed out yesterday need some extra emphasis.



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