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 My father has a small company. It is related in radar for harbor traffic system. Our hometown is Busan, and this city is near by sea. My mother is a housewife. But she has a strong faith about Buddhism. She usually go to the temple, she has a network in there. My younger brother is a student in University of Busan. He has a same major as me. Since we moved in Busan in 2000, we've lived in there. So he has a lot of friends in Busan. My uncle work for Chevy, two of my cousins work for Samsung in Suwon, one is a highschool teacher in Seoul,  one works in China, one works in Japan. In my mother's side, one of the uncle retired in the army. one cousin is a university student in China.

My high school friends. Most of them are in Seoul now. They are university students. Seoul National University, Yeonse University, University of Seoul, Sejong University, Korea Aerospace University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

And all of us have a different major.

My university friends can be divided 2 parts.

One group is composed friends in same major, another is composed friends in travel club. Some of my friends in same major(computer engineering) hired by Samsung, CJ, Korean bank and so on. The others will study together with me in this year. Travel club is the club for every students in University, so I could meet a lot of students in many different majors. Actually, most of them are in mechanical engineering.

Volunteer friends, I met these friends during volunteering for music festivals. We love to volunteer for our favorite bands, so we met a lot. Sometimes, we met as volunteers, other times we met as guests or staffs in many festivals. We are in good relationship and they know the importance of volunteering and like it.



If you want to know me, I mean, if you need some more details about me, look at my intro.


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