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  From the first day, my main job was creating presentation. For creating presentations, I used Prezi.com. That was my first time to use that tool. My very first presentation is introduction of myself. After that, I made a introduction of T/MC presentation. And then, I made 4 presentations about T/MC strategies. And I'm working on creating Social Network Map presentation. At the first, I didn't know well about T/MC, but I read many articles from the internet about T/MC and social network. That was hard to read and sum up information for my presentation. But I did it! And I feel like my reading skill is better than before.

  During internship, I learned about Chicago area poverty problems. There are children who cannot get an education because they do not have enough money and good environment. Before came in USA, I volunteered for teaching poverty kids in Korea. But I thought that problem is not serious in USA, but that was my miss understanding. 

  Also T/MC opened conference during my internship period. At that day, many people who interested in helping poverty children came to our conference. Before the conference, I thought only few people care about this problem, but there were many people came to our conference. At there, I met one woman who works at IIT. It was good experience, too.

  Most of all, I learned important thing from Dan. I felt he really care about poverty children, and I think he is really good person. I am not sure whether I helped him enough or not, but I learned big thing from him, and I will try to volunteer for poverty children in Korea again. I am sure about my internship experience was really precious time, and I am happy to finish my internship with this company.

  I also will help Dan after back to Korea. I really thanks to Dan for providing this good experience. It was my first internship, and I learned many things during this period. I hope more people join with us, and interest in helping kids in the future.


  Here is my presentations during my internship period. Please see this :)

  Introduction of myself : http://prezi.com/ady8ln8oyz_k/introduce/

  T/MC Introduction : http://prezi.com/lt6msdiwtxf-/tmc-intro/

  1st Strategy : http://prezi.com/lxqtellgyhpd/1st-/

  2nd Strategy : http://prezi.com/rm5plphjyds5/2nd/

  3rd Strategy : http://prezi.com/vzfrfvhdvvnb/3rd/

  4th Strategy : http://prezi.com/lrfhrmqdpdaa/4th/

  SNA Strategies : http://www.scribd.com/daniel-f-bassill-7291/d/98368513-Social-Netwo...

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on June 27, 2012 at 12:01pm

Thank you Mina. I hope that we'll record a lot of visitors to look at the strategy essays you have created. It's been a pleasure working with you and Chul over the past six weeks.

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