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These past 5 months have rushed by, haven't they?

My time here at Cabrini has taught me so much about networking, strategic planning, and blogging activism. At Cabrini, I was able to reconnect with the blogosphere through social networking and writing about my adventures here at the center and how they relate to different social issues affecting youth in Chicago. As I move forward from Cabrini Connections, I'm taking with me new ways to analyze information in order to create plans of action that stimulate transformational change. This plight has led me into a growing interest in social policy, which I hope to continue research in as I finish up my last year at Loyola University and complete my MA in Social Justice.

What's next? Going to law school? Completing a Ph.D? Re-entering the workforce? Enlisting in PeaceCorps or Teach for America? That's yet to be determined, but I'm glad to know that I have options. One thing that won't change is my time here in the blogosphere. While my research blog, The {Other} Chicago had some setbacks (read up on it here), my personal blog that I created in order to reflect about my experiences here in the city has developed into a platform to sort out my ideas in regard to Women's Studies. The blog has led me to create a presentation proposal on public health issues, and I was able to present my research at the Women of Color Conference this past April at the W Hotel. I hope to continue to share my findings and research at more conferences in the future, and have used my blogs as "workshops" to share rough drafts of theories and ideas.

I also had the chance to work as a coordinator for Cabrini Connections in the College Zone center and started a special blog "Cabrini College", for students around Chicago to get information on scholarships and youth jobs. Being able to help students out on a one-to-one basis has really been gratifying, as I am able to see tangiable results. I hope to continue as a coordinator come this Fall and explore the CPS system more. In the future, I hope to discuss more insight on education reform and best practices her at the Tutor Mentor social network as well.

This summer, I will begin my school field education at the YWCA as the new government relations intern. At the YWCA, I will compose a research analysis on "The Girl Effect" and federal stimulus spending on programs specifically targeting the education and job development of women and youth. In addition, I will be helping out the Midwest Academy, a community organizing training center in Chicago, with developing a study that focuses on the decline of the middle class. Both assignments will help me in developing my thesis on structural violence and its affect on women of color.

Moving forward, I want to set new goals for myself along the way, while still taking the time out to enjoy Chicago and my studies in the process. I hope you guys continue to follow me on twitter, my blog, on myspace, and here as well. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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Comment by Jiwon Seo on May 25, 2010 at 10:10am
E!! WE bEcamE friEnd whEn i mEt you last week, i will miss you and you will get success
Comment by Daniel Bassill on May 20, 2010 at 5:09pm
Thank you E for writing so eloquently and passionately about these issues. I hope you'll stay connected because the longer you stay involved, the more you will know, the more people who will know you and the more impact you'll have on your network, and on the lives of the kids and communities you write about.

Because of your reflections, as well as what others have written, the next interns and volunteers who are blogging for Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection will have some role models and mentors to learn from.

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