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Board of Elections says Illinois primary elections yesterday was the lowest turnout than in previous years. With outrage over the recession, corruption, crushing deficits and endless partisan bickering one would assume there would of been a flood of voters casting their ballots. Instead that flood turned into a trickle. City officials estimated that Chicago turnout was 26 percent. Thats the lowest voter turnout since four years ago when Rod Blagojevich was seeking his second term as governor.

The information above is unfortunate, sad, and disturbing. Do people in Illinois not care about their community enough to take 10...20 minutes out of their day to vote? The primary elections are just as important as all other elections yet this time around no one cared to show up. One should care that their is a financial crisis in their city enough to try and do something about it. So, what does this turnout mean exactly? Does it mean that the people of Illinois are lazy? Or that they just don't care about what happens to their neighborhoods, streets, schools and/or taxes?

If people are too lazy to vote or don't care enough to vote does this mean that they don't care enough to give some of their time and money to help out non profits? Non profits who help make their community better! I'm concerned that by this past voter turnout that its foreshadowing the lack of effort people are going to put forth in their community. We need you to care, we need you to help, we need you to have hope. If you have hope and you put an effort to help change our community it will happen.

At Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, it is our mission to help. We provide a structured environment for students living in low-income housing during after-school hours to ensure they get the help, attention, and love that they need. We want to see these students succeed just like you would like to see your own children succeed. By donating your time or money to Cabrini Connections you are helping to ensure a better future for our community. These children are the future. Don't sell their future short because you were too lazy. You can make a difference today...

Are you ready?

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Comment by Eunsoo Lee on February 3, 2010 at 3:23pm
that's good article. I think this kind of article should be uploaded many of famous homepages so that many rich guys can donate their money for student. You know, putting a vote for this State, Illinois is important to make our governor. In korea, many people didn't know how important the vote is for getting in the president of One's country. But recently most of people in Korea realized that it's so good chance to act like citizen. I think so, either.

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