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I was glad to come to our organization 2009 End Year Dinner, the theme of this year was called "Hope, Build……Believe and Achieve" selected by the 2009 Cabrini Connections Year End Dinner.

Nearly 200 students, volunteers, parents and alumni were registered to attend yesterday's year end dinner in advance where they would celebrate the work of one year, and began the work of the coming year!

When I was arrived the dinner place on 1111 N Wells, Chicago, some staffs and guests were already there. They were busy with last-minutes preparation before people coming. There were bread, chicken wings, pasta, varieties of salad, chocolate cupcakes, cookies, drinking for the guests on the food table.

The batches of people were coming around 5:30pm, Toni, who was our administrative assistant, was busy with guest registration. I was standing behind her and took some pictures. The End Year Dinner started the video of look back on the history of Cabrini Connections created by the teens and volunteers who were in the 2008-09 Cabrini Connections Program. I saw most of attendances concentrated on watching the video with smiling, because most of people, who attended the dinner, took their efforts to the students and Cabrini Connections last year. There was no doubt that students became the leading role over the dinner. It made people happy with not only their singing and dancing but also their drama. I was catching the time of taking the photos of their momentary.

There was such wonderful dinner that I couldn't forget inviting my friends to come. In fact, he was my god brother in America, I was grateful for his care and help when I was in America without my family member. He said he considered joining our Tutor/Mentor Program in his spare time. My brother had two master degree in Economy and Mathemateic in Michigan State University, now he is working for Finance Analysis at Aon Insurance.

I really enjoyed the End Year Dinner, thank you for everyone, who is the staff,students,volunteers and parents, support Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connections.

(Video Information, feel free to check on the youtube and search the key words of Cabrini Connection History)

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