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July Tutor/Mentor Connection eNewsletter

I hope you'll all take a few moments to read the July eNewsletter on line. You can also subscribe to the newsletter from that site.

I focus on Volunteer Recruitment in this issue, because with school starting soon, most tutor/mentor programs are beginning the work of recruiting volunteers and students. At Cabrini Connections we try to have our recruitment and orientations finished by mid September, so we can have kids and volunteers matched by the third week. This helps us get kids connected to tutors and mentors in the first grading period of the new school year.

As we focus on volunteers, I'm also focused on fund raising. Without the money needed to pay rent, insurance, utilities, and for staff who are the glue in a tutor/mentor program, the connections of kids and volunteers won't happen. I'll be writing about this on my blog during the month, and I hope that each of you will make an effort to write a blog article related to recruitment and fund raising during the coming month.

If you write a story and link to this forum, or to my blog, you'll be contributing to our efforts to increase the number of people who are looking at the information we collect, and using that information to make decisions about where, and how, they get connected to kids.

If you have an updated profile, or an active group on Ning, this collective effort can draw volunteers and donors to you, not just to the programs in Chicago.

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