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It was a Good time in Tutor/Mentor Connection

 Hi, I’m Kyungryul.  Time was so fast. 6 weeks gone like the wind in Chicago.  I learned many things in Tutor/Mentor Connection. Especially, I learned the volunteer organization. Tutor/Mentor Connection has not only just volunteer, but also has a lot of information about the poverty. I was surprised about these information. I’ll try to share these, although my internship will done. The internship was very precious experience.  Everything  is good and impressed.  My best experience was the conference on June 7th. It was very good experience to my life. Because It was my first time to meet many office and company. I learned about America office culture and office communication.

I'm sad, because I will go back to Korea soon. Chicago gave me many thing and memory.

I can not forget. I hope next intern will make difference using creative works. Thank you for having a great time for Tutor/Mentor Connection internship. Thank you, Daniel.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on July 2, 2013 at 2:50pm

Thank you Kyungryul for sharing your talent during this internship. The videos you created have already recorded 102 views. Hopefully others will look at these and in the future a new intern will do a presentation that shows the work you've done.

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