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It takes a Village ... who are we trying to reach?

I created a new concept map today, showing the many different groupings of people/organizations with an interest in helping kids born in poverty move through school and into jobs and careers over a 25 year period of support. You can view the chart here

In the chart I included links to information sections on the T/MC web site, where you could find links to other organizations and information related to that sub group. (NOTE: this now has an animation that helps you understand the chart better. Created by interns from Korea in 2009.)

In my tutor/mentor blog article this weed I wrote about a report released by the UCLA Center for Mental Health In Schools, titled Frameworks for Systemic Transformations of Student and Learning Supports .

In this report you read about how the education and development of a child has many different silos of support within a school, and community. Until these are connected in some sort of collaboration, they compete with each other, and there are too few of most of the resources not reaching too many of the kids.

My chart expands on this thinking to show how the business community needs to be involved, and how volunteerism and civic engagement, via tutor/mentor programs, can expand the number of people who are personally involved with the lives of inner city kids, and who would lend their time and talent to building this village of support for more kids living in poverty.

The conference that I host every May and November is intended to draw some of these people together so we begin to break down the silos and start sharing information, resources and successes.

If anyone reading this wants to organize a workshop, or a discussion, intended to draw some of the groups listed on this chart to the conference, or to on-line meeting places such as this, please use the workshop presenter form to send me your ideas.

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