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I found two non-profit organization.
The first name of org. is 'Cabrini connections, Tutor/Mentor Program'. And the second is 'Cabrini-Green Tutoring'.
Both organization have a same purpose to improve economically disadvantaged students. They make a tutoring program that operates from Mon. to Tue. after school. Additionally, they've held on diverse activity for students. Students can experience many category activity that motivates them to be grown up. It inspires that students get more intersts to study and have a self-esteem. These organizations make student's life more lavish, and draw them to be mature adult. Sometimes other people would disagree this opinion. However, if we see our life as long distance, it should give critical benefits on our society. For example, when I see it dramatically, it can decrease the number of criminals, because many dangerous crimes from the media shows that most criminals have been made from the poor family; extremely the nonprotectful family. Since they have not been taken care from others, they've not known other's feeling well and what is moral behavior. Also, they have not seen the justice and the right in their family, it is possible that they commit more physical violence to others rather than people brought up on harmoniously family . Hence, I strongly believe that the number of ciminals should go down if disadvantaged students normally taught from tutor/mentor program keep increasing. According to this opinion, I confirm that every young students should get affection continually regardless of what kind of family they came from. When I research these two organization, almost students from here went to the college. Therefore, as considerating the brilliant future for students, I introduce these two organization for you. They need your deep interest.

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