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Just as light bulbs require electricity to shine, the “new economy” requires theenergy of information and communications technologies (ICT) to illuminate local development. Around the world, billions of dollars have been spent oninfrastructure to give communities access to ICT. One of the non-profit organisations that put emphasis on connecting people with technology for social development is Digital Opportunity Trust(DOT) (http://www.dotrust.org). DOT is a low cost, high impact organization that secures these global investments to connect people with technology, build human capacity andprovide the tools to promote community-led economic and social development.


One of DOT's main programmes is the internship programme in which DOT recruits and trains talented young people (university graduates) from partner countries to become Interns. Because technology alone is not enough, DOT develops these technology ambassadors’ skills inleadership, project management, facilitation,communication and teamwork. The Interns then share and transfer their knowledgethrough practical projects led by communitymembers that respond to local needs andopportunities.DOT's success lies in our ability to leverage innovative partnerships. The people they work with, who represent local and internal organizations,government departments and the private sector, are all champions of local ICT priorities. DOT's global community of colleagues share a common vision of a connected world in the 21st-Century.


Due to my research studies, I was also involved in this organisation from time to time (not in terms of the internship programme, yet in terms of its corporate leadership development program for global companies such as IBM). With regard to Tutormentor, I think it might make sense to build partnerships with such non-profits as the aims are common. Similar programmes can be developed or customized based on mutual needs. Any thoughts on this?



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Comment by Daniel Bassill on March 20, 2011 at 10:04am

Thanks for introducing DOT. Can you make introductions that connect the two worlds?  In the blog articles on the T/MC ning are articles that try to make sense of what T/MC is doing so others can get involved. Inthis forum, I suggest to universities how interns could be doing "market research" to learn what T/MC is and to look for opportunities to integrate T/MC into university goals.


If DOT can recruit an intern to review the T/MC and compare it to what DOT already does, that person can do the market research that shows what opportunities there are to collaborate.  It would be great to have someone from their helping the T/MC spread its ideas through their interns and alumni.

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