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Hi, I'm Kyungryul Kim from South Korea. I'm an internship with Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago. This is my last video as the intern. This is the Introduction of the past Intern projects. Many interns were be together with T/MC,and will be together in the future. they will try to make a difference. 

To me, this internship was a very precious experience. Sincerely , Thank you, Daniel!

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on July 1, 2013 at 1:53pm

Thank you Kyungryul for your work on this project and three previous projects. You're experience with creating videos really shows up in how you were able to figure out how to integrate graphics and video clips from previous projects.  For anyone who views this I hope you'll share it with your Twitter, Facebook and other networks so more people will take a look.

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