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I saw the article about infographic on blog.

I think Infograpic is very useful.

Because in traditional way to represent information, data was usually expressed by a variety of numeric and text-only.

Infograpic can help people to understand information easier in new nontraditional ways

to use graphics, easy to identify, clear, simple, fun.


This is examples which use infograpic to represent information.

I like that and try!

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on June 14, 2011 at 10:42am

I'll look forward to seeing how you can tell some of the Tutor/Mentor Connection stories using the Infographics concept.  Imagine keeping a library of infographics that you create so that over a period of years you would have a large portfolio of these that you could draw from to do consulting, teaching, advocacy, etc.


It takes a certain amount of talent to be able to create these.

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