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Hello. from now on, I will do intern for this company.

Thanks to my friend named Peter, I can be here to work for this company.

We want to share anything with you and have a good relationship.

below is my Email that I used to access usually for this company.


Nice to meet you, everybody.

Leaving some message for me would be good help for me.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on January 25, 2010 at 10:38am
I'm pleased that you will be working with this event calendar graphic. If we can show people how they can be the "red dot" in this graphic, and use their personal and professional communications to draw members of their network to the information on our web site on a continuous basis, we can increase the number of people who take this role, and thus, increase the number of volunteers, donors and leaders who support tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities. This power point has the graphic that you will be working with, along with text that you can use.

Collaboration Goals_Jan2010.ppt
Comment by Daniel Bassill on January 14, 2010 at 10:59am
Hi Eunsoo. Can you show me any examples of work you've done with graphic using flash, photo shop, or YouTube. Here's a graphic that I'd like to animate while you are here. If you have put any work on the internet that illustrates your ability, please post links to your blog.

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