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I'm thinking about visualization of T/MC


I'm thinking about the way of visualization of T/MC.

I've been working for T/MC over 4 weeks. For a while, I can convince what I'll do to represent an image.

Dan asked to finish our project in this week. I promise to complete in this week. Dan and we cooperate for the project, so we could upload a new page on next week.

And there are two options to make an image.

I think that the most critical value of T/MC is connection. Therefore, I want to show the symbol of connection. I imagine the two options that I'm considering to choose one between them. The first symbol is the bridge. It will show to the connection of Tutor and Mentor. And the other is the constructing progress of house by building together with students and teachers. I'm considerating to make a very short film flash about these two options. However, I'm not sure due to difficulty of operating the systems. Anyway, I know that it's difficult to explain without any pictures, but I want to let you know that I'm creating diverse possibilities.

Now I'm searching documents to create the image, and discussing with Jade.

Additionally, the neccessary computer programms for visualization is not displayed on my computer. Hence, I'm worring about that. Nonetheless, I'm trying to using these programms. The first way is working on library in IIT. There are visualization programms. And my friend have this programm. So, I can solve this problem.


Thank you.

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