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Archive of Presentations Created by Interns since 2006 with visit count as of 1/25/2015

Interns have been creating visualizations for Tutor/Mentor Connection since 2006. Some are created in formats that we're not able to track visit count. However, some that have been posted to Prezi or YouTube, can provide a history of visits.  Wona Chang has started this archive. It will be updated annually, with new presentations added. (intro added by Dan Bassill, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC)

1. Introducing Interns

1) Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Connection Interns


Created by Kyungryul Kim on June 2013.     103 views.

2) Meet interns making differences! 


Created by Byeonghui Kim on July 2013.     511 views.

3) Interns can make a difference!


Created by Sunjoong Yoo on September 2013.     584 views.

2. Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Connection and its services

1) Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Learning Path (Prezi) - English language version.  Click here. Created by Wona Chang, Jan/Feb 2015, 34 views  YouTube version, click here. 14 views.

2) Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Learning Path (Prezi) - Korean language version.  Click here. Created by Wona Chang, Jan/Feb 2015, 2 views

3) Guide to Tutor/Mentor Institute Web Site  (Prezi) - English language version. Click here. Created by Wona Chang, Jan/Feb 2015, 10 views   YouTube version, click here, 5 views

4) 3) Guide to Tutor/Mentor Institute Web Site  (Prezi) -Korean language version. Click here. Created by Wona Chang, Jan/Feb 2015, 3 views

5) Tutor/Mentor Visualizations - graphic of Valentine shaped heart showing warmth of tutor/mentor bond. Click here.  Created by SungHee Jung in Feburary 2012.      106 views.

6) Video showing "Hope & Love" of Tutor/Mentor bond.  Click here. Created by Sung Hee Jung, Feb. 2012. 111 views.

7) T/MC Program locator Introduction animation http://www.tutormentorprogramlocator.net/Intro.aspx

Created by Taeho Ko. 2008

8) Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) Intro.  https://prezi.com/lt6msdiwtxf-/tmc-intro/

Created by Mina Song on June 2012.   1306 views.

9) Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection Promo Video (Chinese)


Created by Willow Liuqing Yang on August 2010.    101 views.

10) Tutor/Mentor Service Learning Network first version created by Paul Wei in Summer 2006 : http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/flash/TMC_logic.html


11) Tutor/Mentor Service Learning Network Revised version  : http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/images/flash/rebuild_real.swf

Created by Inee Choi in 2011 

12) Tutor/mentor Connection Year Round Strategy to build support for tutor/mentor programs

http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/images/flash/eventyear.swf  Createdby Eunsoo Lee on February 24, 2010

13)  Animation showing Push Pull Strategy of Tutor/Mentor Connection. Click here.  Created by Jawon Koo on February 24, 2010  Narration by Bradley Troast, Northwestern Un...

14) Animation showing goal of supporting tutor/mentor programs in all parts of Chicago. Click here. Created by Jawon Koo on February 24, 2010  Narration by Bradley Troast, Northwestern Un...

15) Volunteer Recruitment Campaign video (click here)

Creative by Minsub Lee in 2011.     37 views.

16) Infrastructure needed to build and sustain a tutor/mentor program. Click here.  

13) Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference (2008) video. Click here  Created by by SEUNG JUNG LEE, June 2008.  291 views

9) Tutor/Mentor Connections info video


Created on June 2011 20 views

3.  Visualizations of Tutor/Mentor Connection Spirits


How can you make a difference  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_snzidACvo

Created by Kyungryul Kim on January 2013.      123 views.


War on poverty   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLH87y1BPco&feature=youtu.be

Created by Kyungryul Kim on January 2013.      117 views


The power of small change   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fxXwLMFvx4&feature=youtu.be
Created by Sunjoong Yoo, January 2014.     206 views


Enough is Enough


Created by July 2010

4. Work done by interns, by other interns


Tutor/Mentor Institute - intern view


in 2012.    80 views


Resource map    http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/images/flash/resourcesmap.swf


Transforming Adults Involved in Volunteer-Based Tutor/Mentor Programs



Tutor/Mentor Connection Goal Presentation



Role of many leaders



Created on Feburary 2012



6) Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Connection, in Korean. By Minsang Lee, 2010.  Click here

7) Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference video, 2010, by MinSang Lee.  Click here

5. Visualizations of Tutor/Mentor Connection strategies


Strategy map     http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/images/flash/strategymap.swf


Tutor/Mentor Strategy


Created by Byeonghui Kim on June 2013.    585 views.


1st Strategyhttps://prezi.com/lxqtellgyhpd/1st-/

Created by Mina Song on June 2012.   990 views.


2nd Strategyhttps://prezi.com/rm5plphjyds5/2nd/

Created by Mina Song on June 2012.   754 views.


3rd Strategy.  https://prezi.com/vzfrfvhdvvnb/3rd/

Created by Mina Song on June 2012.   725 views.


4th Strategyhttps://prezi.com/lrfhrmqdpdaa/4th/

Created by Mina Song on June 2012.   866 views.


Problem solving strategy  https://prezi.com/6l5imdjw1tyk/problem-solving-strategy/

Created by Byeonghu Kim on June 2013   695 views.


Strategy map

English ver) https://prezi.com/oyiqtdfvd0xs/tutormentor-connection/

Korean verhttps://prezi.com/kqjvqrw-gewa/tutormentor-connection-korean-ver/

8) Creating Network of Purpose, Click Here

Created in 2011 by JongSeop Won from IIT. Voice narration by Bradley Troast, Nortwestern University PIP Fellow

9) Hub of Innovation, flash animation, by Jong Seop Won, 2011. Click here

6. More

Read the Tutor/Mentor Intern blog and meet past interns.

Read introductions of past interns and fellows working with Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago.

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