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I'm too sad to leave for Korea soon. I'll miss IIT and T/MC.I was learning many things by internship.

Especially, I had knowledge about system of volunteer organization.


Although there are many volunteer organizations in Korea, it's different from Tutor/Mentor Connection.

First, volunteer organizations located in Korea didn't build a database  as I know. To keep managning and increasing association, it's very important to maintain a database.

Next, there are scanty opportunities for connecting with a volunteer organization except for big organizations which supported by major company. people can see a lot of infromations through Internet in information-oriented society because most people have smart equipments as well as computer. If we make a blog or website like Tutor/Mentor Connection, we also can encourage more people to participate in volunteering personally and donating.


 And I hope that next intern will introduce the Tutor/Mentor Connection to his/her hometown.

Thank you for having a great time during internship.


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Comment by Daniel Bassill on June 28, 2011 at 1:01pm

Sam, thanks you again for the work you've done and ideas you shared.

The whole purpose of you being an intern is that

a) you recognize the need for something like the T/MC in your own community/country and that;

b) you see that you can export the T/MC ideas to another place; if

c) you continue helping to build the T/MC and you find sponsors in your own community to fund it's growth there

You and other volunteers and interns could become "partners" and "co-owners" of an international Tutor/Mentor Connection, generating revenue and volunteers from multiple places to support everything the T/MC is trying to do in each place where a partner/co-owner lives.


As you stay involved and begin to apply these ideas your own learning will lead to new innovations that I've not yet even thought about. Being younger than I am you and others can take my place as leaders and network builders in future years.


You've already started to learn how to re-interpret our ideas in new ways. Now I encourage you to find ways each day to motivate more people to look at those ideas and offer time, talent and dollars to help you implement them in Korea.


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