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Hi! my name is Sunjoong Yoo. I'm an intern of T/MC.

Yesterday, I finished my final project.

If you didn't see my video yet, then please visit this below link.


From now on, I will make an short visual material.

It will be made by prezi.

Here are some examples that similar to my future content.

<Created by Kyungryul Kim, Intern of T/MC, 2013 (Video)>


<Created by byeonghui Kim, Intern of T/MC, 2013 (Prezi)>


The aim of these two presentations is to introduce some other contents that done by past interns.

This kind of work is very worth.

So I will make another visual presentation within next week.

And it will be my last work.

Thank you.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on February 14, 2014 at 9:56am

Thank you Sunjoong.  Your projects will help other people understand the ideas we share and hopefully that will lead more people to support the growth and operations of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities.  Please keep visiting these projects and sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks so a growing number of people view t hem.

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