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Six weeks goes fast like an arrow. when I came here first, I thought we talked to children and helped other tutors. However, my work which inform poverty to public was valuable and gave me a lot of advantage. Before I worked in here, I have not made a presentation using Prezi. While I made it, I studied and then was accustomed to using and applying it. So if I will have a chance to make a presentation, I'll use Prezi with confidence.

What I felt about Tutor/Mentor Connecntion during internship, my country, Korea needs this programs. Some Korea region also suffer poverty and many children couldn't study because cost of private educational institute is so expensive, If Korean donator shows company's data and make institute like T/MC, life of children will be better.

I really appreciate Daniel Bassill to give a chance to work T/MC. It was very good experience and will compromise a large part in my life. Thank you

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on July 2, 2013 at 2:53pm

Byeonghui, thank you for being an intern and learning to use Prezi to share some of the ideas created by myself an past interns.  So far your projects have had 168 views.  If you keep encouraging others to look at these in the coming years someone will step forward and create a T/MC in Korea.

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