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CBS 48 Hours reports drug violence near Sun Rise Church in K-Town

To Supporters of Volunteer-Based Tutor/Mentor Programs

Please see attached story (my May 23 blog item...K-Town Church.) It is a report written by a Wheaton College student who was doing an internship with World Vision 8 or 9 years ago. I forwarded it to Dan Bassill of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and he sent it to WVON for a PSA. I don’t think it ever aired.

Dan posted a blog article on May 28, titled, violence,Drugs and Mentoring - Chicago which included a video of a CBS 48 Hours program.  The church in the 48 Hours http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50147118n  program that Dan mentioned is my church…the site of a tutoring program that is a part of the TMC.

We’re on hiatus now. We had a very successful run. I tried very hard to keep it going. But I ran out of committed tutors and parents also left us. And my job became more demanding, my health and my mother’s health waned…. So I could no longer soldier the program. I may retire next year. If so I will be looking to get our program going again…or connecting with another program.

You’d be happy to know that Sammy from the story is about to finish his freshman year at Concordia University in River Forest. He is on the football team.  I just talked to him and his mother yesterday (May 19, 2013.) He is looking for a summer job. Let me work this network further on his behalf. He was a success but the story is not over yet. He is bright, hardworking and personable. He can work as a mentor, athletic assistant, landscaping, construction…..he is pursuing accounting and architecture….so he can also work in and benefit from office work. He works with the children at my church.

Editorial Note:  Maxine sent me this information via email and I encouraged her to post it here. I've also invited Maxine and Samual to speak at the June 7 Tutor/Mentor Conference in Chicago.  With her email to me, Maxine said:

"I’d love to hear back from you re the 48 Hour news report and our tutoring program. You may remember me. I came to a few TMC conferences. Also, maybe you can help me find a job for Sammy. (PS: I’ve also got 2 co-eds at Eastern Ill. Univ. looking for summer jobs who are alumni from our tutoring program.) Maxine 312 751-4837"

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