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Building Capacity: New Technology and Getting Connected

Today, a story on the new Apple device came out on the 12noon news that already has ¼ of my friends on facebook geeked and excited about being a future owner. Apple recently announced the new ipad which will be released this April. To sum up the device, an ipad looks like a Kindle, yet functions like a netbook, with its makers already bragging about the new “simple, closed internet device” as the “future of computing” while also launching an advertising campaign declaring the PC to be “dead”.

How surprisingly for me considering the fact that I just got my new PC laptop last year for Christmas and I’m already feeling the pressure to upgrade. The problem is as America grows more comfortable with technology, most of our lives will be spent on the internet. We use the internet to socialize, network, get work done, research, pay bills, and keep track of vital records and information. With new web devices and fads appearing every couple of weeks or so, it is more difficult now than ever to keep up with the internet as the #1 most used tools in the world.

Watching the news coverage on the new ipad allowed me to think once again about how we are all connected through the web, and what this connection means in reaching our goals. The mission of the Tutor Mentor Connection is to support the growth of total quality mentoring programs that help inner city youth reach careers. What you say can reach people around the world, and every time a tutor/mentor leader talks about the program via the news, a blog, a web site, at a conference or a social event, that leader increases the amount of potential visibility for one or more organizations connected through the program.

The purpose of my volunteer work here at Cabrini Connections is to be a part of the goal of the Tutor Mentor Connection by building visibility for the program through this blog and others. One way that I’m doing that is by joining the cause of stopping violence against women and children of color by placing emphasis on ways to eliminate structural violence in urban communities by promoting tutor/mentor programs across Chicago. Studying Race, Class, and Gender as part of the Social Justice Master’s program at Loyola University may seem far-fetched from the whole purpose of blogging on behalf of the Tutor Mentor Connection, but as volunteers, we all have skills and talents that we can use to help the program out, regardless of our own intentions and academic goals.

The web is at our convenience, as Apple and other technology companies are trying to prove every period when it’s time to promote a new electronic device. One doesn’t need “the latest and greatest” to get involved and stay connected, one only needs to understand the mission of the Tutor Mentor Connection and want to see this program succeed.

To find out more about programs within the Chicago area a part of the Tutor Mentor Connection, feel free to use the Program Locator at www.tutormentorconnection.org, or email tutormentor2@earthlink.net to discuss ideas for future collaboration.

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