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After watching presentations which the previous interns made.

Today, I saw many data that volunteer made in order to inform poverty like movie, pdf, ppt format. They concisely arranged data and made a variety of files using many tools. They mainly posted about how to progress the helping procedures and what we're doing to help children. In addition, they appealed to contributor for donate by seeing their difficult situation.

I think they already made sufficient presentations and video so I don't know how and what to make. But I will focus on the children's problem by reading Chicago's daily newspaper and announce public to ask anyone for help using Prezi tool. 

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on May 28, 2013 at 3:50pm

Here's an example of what you might do.

"This blog includes a graphic created by Sam Lee, who was an intern in May-June 2011. She did a power point and a animation. I hope you'll look at both."

Once you have written a short article pointing to the project, then you can post it to Twitter and Facebook, encouraging people in your network to view it.

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