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This is my 5th week. 1 month has passed.

When I first came here I did not know much about Tutor/Mentor Connections.

Now I can explain to my friends and family about T/MC.

I think I gained a deep thought about people around me.

All information I got from the site was so impressive. 

There are works that other interns did, so I also looked at that.

When I first came here I was really surprised with some works that they had done because they were so nice.

I also feel sorry to Dan because I do not have fancy computer skills.

However I learned how to make a Prezi and edit audio. I made 2 prezies and 1 more to go.

It was so fun while I am learning it. I hope my work would be helpful to future interns.

Most of all, I now realize many problems around Chicago and the world

I am happy that I had chance to work for Tutor/Mentor Connections, and excited to do next project.

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