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Last week, I tried to fix asset map.

I tried to change Park National Bank to Wintrust Bank.

Logos, words and locations.

I found a test aspx file, so I used that for a test page.

I checked almost codes in all files, and I found a xml file that

have coordinates of banks. Those are in a XML folder.

 After several attempts, I changed large logo and word.
Big logos and words can be changed in AssetMap-test.aspx.
(This is for a test page. If you change something in

AssetMap.aspx, It will affect a real asset map page.)

 But couldn't change small icons on the map. I found that small 
icons are related to .js file(java script) so I changed codes but

didn't work at that time. However, it works now. I didn't do

anything but it works now. Of course, I knew after changing

codes, we have to save that file and close the window and open

the site again. At that time, it didn't work. I guess sometimes it needs time for changing something. 

 Today, I will find the real locations of Wintrust banks in Chicago, and make the bank page perfect. If I have some extra time, try to fix other problems.

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on January 21, 2014 at 3:01pm

Thank you for this work. I've not been able to find anyone to help update this information since 2010. This shows how students from colleges in the US and around the world can contribute talent to help social benefit organizations do work they don't have money to hire talent to do.

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