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 Yesterday, I access the server. I looked database tables, java codes in asp, aspx files. Because I want to fix some errors in Program Locator website. On the Program Locator, Asset map and Interactive map have some problem.

 Boundaries didn't show up on both maps. Also, resources and schools information need update. For instance, park national bank doesn't exist anymore, and latest data of school is 2008. Boundaries problem is related to google map api update. It worked before but after update, it didn't work now. Resource problems, I found a codes for showing result on the map.

 Today, I will try to fix this. But I'm worried about database system. If I ruined server...It would be horrible. I backup database and I didn't edit asp, aspx files. Actually, I don't know how to get files and images from server to my computer. So I copied codes and paste on notepad, and make a same file on mine. But I don't know to bring images. Also, for safety, I need to test page to fix these errors I think. But I don't know this, too.  

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