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I finally feel as though I pretty solid grasp on what this program can do for people, and I had a revelation on how to graphically represent it.  Whenever I think about the Cabrini Connections or even the Tutormentor Connection organization, I find myself thinking of a Jenga block tower, in which some children have many pieces missing due to  lacking in educational opportunities, positive role modeling, or other influences as a result of living in a neighborhood of low social economic standing.  The more pieces that are missing, the more likely the tower (the child's chance to succeed) is going to topple over.  This is where tutor/mentor programs can come into play, by adding the missing pieces to the child's tower of success.  This process has to take place on every level of the child's life, as even one section missing many blocks can still cause the entire collapse of the tower.  This has to continue onward throughout the child's educational development, so one can envision many different towers for each stage of a child's life towards obtaining a career.


This same concept applies to non-profit tutor/mentor organizations, as they need to work together and funnel the appropriate resources to the appropriate places in the tower that need it.  The organizations themselves may also have pieces missing either in what they provide in services or in basic resources such as funding, volunteers, or networking.  A tutor/mentor program is able to utilize volunteers who will stick with the program for a series of years, and will become more and involved in a child's life as a result of personal commitment and attachment to not only the academic aspect of the program, but in terms of the other factors influencing the child's life.


This is just a first rough draft, and it will be modified to represent the ideas that I am presenting in the above text.  I look forward to any feedback on this project, both positive and negative, so don't hesitate, just be careful not to knock my tower over...JENGA!


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Comment by Bradley Troast on April 28, 2011 at 12:46pm
haha, this is great! I love the graphic and the way you've explained it conceptually.
Comment by Karina Walker on March 9, 2011 at 10:31am
I really like how this turned out, and I think your explanation is also really good. The "jenga tower analogy" is a new way of thinking of a tutor/mentor program for me, but I think it's an excellent metaphor. Great job!
Comment by Joseph Kreul on March 7, 2011 at 6:31pm
Also, the large equipment on top of the tower (no clue what the name is) can represent a tutor/mentor program, and the individuals at the bottom and top are volunteers, staff, and/or donors who contribute to the overall process.  The sun represents the sun...which is inspiring.

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