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I think Mary Mitchell makes some very good points in this article about why programs like ours are important. What can we do to increase the number of articles that shed a spotlight on our program and others like it? This article, like many others published this summer and in previous summers, was spurred by the high Chicago crime rates and killings that have been an unfortuante repeating summer trend for the city. However, the attention drawn to these low income crime filled neighborhoods often fades as the cool weather sets in. What can we do to keep the media's attention on these areas and more importantly the public's attention and interest in volunteering to make a difference in these areas?

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Comment by Daniel Bassill on August 28, 2010 at 9:41am
Thanks for posting this. When you and others see stories like this, in Chicago papers, or in media from other cities, the first thing you should do is post it, with your own comments, like you have done here.

The next thing is to post a comment to the article on the newspaper or media web site, showing how the maps and other information provided by the Tutor/Mentor Connection can be used to help bring support to tutor/mentor programs in different neighborhoods.

Then, try to make contact with the reporter/writer. Thank them for their story and encourage them to use the T/MC as a resource, or to write a story about what we're doing.

I do that as much as I can, but if more people are taking this role, the media will begin to hear our message from many voices. That is much more powerful than if only one person is trying to call attention to this resource.

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