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Thanks for Mentoring Experiences

I posted a message on Facebook telling how I'd been involved for 37 years and how my life has been enriched as a result. One of our former students posted this response:

No, THANK YOU for caring when no one else would, you started a movement and I have watched it blossom into something I couldnt imagine back at St. Matthews Church, you and your family have sacrificed so much time, and Im proof that just one person can make such a huge impact on someone's life. Love ya…


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Poor People Still in Cabrini Green Despite News Reports

I saw a TV report last night saying "Cabrini Green Gone".  


Someone should tell that to the 35 -40 7th to 12th grade teens at Cabrini Connections who live in the Cabrini Green area, either in the Row Houses or the redeveloped property.  I wrote a blog…


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Example of communicating ideas via animation and visualization

This video is important because if focuses on education, and because it demonstrates a way to use animation to communicate complex ideas and keep the viewer involved.  This would  be a skill that would be valuable in communicating the ideas of the Tutor/Mentor… Continue

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How to generate "feel good" messages that support growth of tutor/mentor programs

As we enter 2011 the economy is still a mess and the competition for resources to fund non profits continues to grow. Thus, we need to be more creative, think smarter, and keep learning from the wisdom of others.

This article is one that I encourage you all to read. It talks about how your Twitter, email, or Facebook post can generate more response if it can connect…


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