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Internship Reflection

         When I came here for work as a intern, I was a little bit confused because all things in here were not familiar and all things I do look like awkward. However, the more time I spent here, everything in here was getting comfortable. Through this internship, I learned lots of things. First of all, I learned how to working process going in America. My initial purpose of coming here is to get to know America’s culture. At this aspect, I think I achieve that. Secondly, by working here,…


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T/MC Campaign

This is a volunteer-recruitment video created by Minsub Lee, and intern from Korea working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection. The video does not promote a single program and instead points to this page on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site that shows how programs can build campaigns to support recruitment for all tutor/mentor programs in a…


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Atheletes Adopt A Neighborhood Video



This video was created by Minsub Lee to show how athletes might adopt and become spokespersons for different neighborhoods in the city where they are star players. See…


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Animation version

I made animation version


This is a "Famous Athlete" character created by Minsub Lee and included in the video he created from the ideas in this pdf and…


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I talked with Sam and we decide to divide her works.

I will make Atheletes and celebrities things as animation.

If you want me to do other things, please tell me.

Until that, I will work on this. 

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4TH WEEK T/MC(edition)

4TH WEEK T/MC(edition)

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I made some newsletters based on T/MC and Cabrini Connection web site.

I will work on those things on this week, too.

And I just made a newsletter of this week.

I think from now on, I have to do some graphic works with Sam.

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4TH WEEK(Cabrini Connection)


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Hi, my name is Minsub Lee. I am working at Cabrini Connection as a intern until the end of July. Through the intern, I want to learn about lots of things such as social skills, English and working experience. Thanks.

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