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Jordan Merlo's Blog – December 2009 Archive (5)

A mothers pursuit for her son's well-being!

The article, "Saving Michael" from the Chicago Tribune is a heartening story about a mother trying to better her son by figuring out ways in which to fix his behavioral problems and his grades. Living in a low income neighborhood such as Woodlawn, Chicago, Delaine, Michael's mother, understands that their are additional hurdles to face. But though her neighborhood has… Continue

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Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0 Part 2.

Hello again and welcome to Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0 Part 2. I hope you took some time to read Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0, if not that's ok because for my next couple of blogs I will be picking apart the text discussing what I believe to be the highlights of the article. In this blog in particular I will be discussing the two categories that make up philanthropy which are capital and the enterprises.… Continue

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Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0 Part 1.

Today I started reading "Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0" it's an article which offers a broad view of how philanthropy and the organizations supported by it, will change in the coming years. Since this is a dense article consisting of 55 pages I will post my thoughts in sections. The next few blogs that I will post about the article "Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0" are my interpretations of what the author is… Continue

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What are the differences between Tutor/Mentor Connections and Cabrini Connections?

As this is my 2nd day as an intern at Cabrini Connections you can probably imagine how confused I am. Before accepting this internship I thought that Cabrini Connections and Tutor Mentor Connections were the same. Though after I buried myself further in the Cabrini Connections websites I started to notice that Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connections were not the same program. But what exactly makes the two different from each other?

From reading the Cabrini Connections… Continue

Added by Jordan Merlo on December 10, 2009 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

First day of internship at Cabrini Connections!

Hello all,

I would first off like to thank Dan Bassill for giving me the opportunity to help be apart of the solution here at Cabrini Connections. I am looking forward to interning at a non-for-profit organization such as this where everyone takes such pride in fulfilling the mission of the organization. I believe that this internship position will give me great insight into how non-for-profits work and how they get there funding. I am excited to learn more about the organization as… Continue

Added by Jordan Merlo on December 8, 2009 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

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