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This is a map showing Fortune 100 companies in the Chicago region. It shows poverty concentrations and major highways that lead from the suburbs to the downtown business area. It also shows locations of organizations that provide tutor/mentor services, such as Cabrini Connections.

I'm sure there are Northwestern University alumni at every one of these companies. Thus, our goal in this group is to find ways to build teams within these companies who advocate for corporate strategies that support tutor/mentor programs throughout the region, not just in one location.

Such teams can educate employees and corporate leaders on the benefits of volunteer and corporate involvement, and the ways people can give time, talent and/or dollars. They can show how to find contact information for specific programs, and they can organize networking events so people involved in different programs, but from the same company or industry, can network and share ideas with each other. Ultimately, they can begin to build strategies that improve the effectiveness of these programs, while helping to create new programs in high poverty areas where more programs are needed.

The first challenge is attracting alumni from these companies to this group. Can you help make this happen?

See more maps like this at http://mappingforjustice.blogspot.com

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