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I am curious how to join in the planning of the May Conference.

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Mr. James, We would be delighted to have you come on board with the planning committee! Let me know when would be a good time to meet (either in person or on the phone), and I can let you know about the progress thus far and what we could have you do to help make this conference great!
How about tomorrow after 2 p.m.? Thanks
Mr. James,
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. For some reason I thought I'd be receiving updates to the discussion forum in my e-mail when I set this group up, but I guess I haven't. I would love to still meet, but this week is shaping up to be kind of crazy. Could we meet sometime next week? I would love to visit Scholarship Chicago anyway to see what you do there.
Let me know!
Nicole, you do not have to call me Mr. James. This says you responded 5 minutes ago...today? If so, no worries. My number is 312.784.3306 when you have a minute or I can call you. I'm sure you're VERY busy.
Hi Chris.

Just by joining this on-line forum you are in. As you read the ideas posted, add your own thoughts, and then help us bring together a growing number of people on-line who will work to make the Conferences a success.

If we can build an on-line community that not only shares ideas, but works together to achieve a common goal, such as bringing volunteers and donors to all tutor/mentor programs in a region, and sustaining these resources for many years, we can demonstrate a power and use of the internet that will be duplicated by many and will be tools that our kids can use to establish their own careers.

Making this happen needs to be a shared effort of many people. Thanks for joining.




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