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I encourage all of you to view this presentation to see the quarterly event strategy of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, and to understand how the May and November conferences are part of this strategy.  

Then, review the chart below, at this link and this link.

The aim of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is to connect people from business, religion, colleges, health care, law, etc. with the information we host on our web sites, and with the different organizations who do volunteer-based tutoring and mentoring in Chicago and other cities, so that they will be more pro-active every day in reaching out to one or more programs, or the T/MC and similar intermediaries, to provide the talent, time and operating dollars we each need to do good work.

If you are reading this, print these charts, or copy them to your own web site, or blog. In each box, try to put names of people you know, that you can reach out to with an invitation to help promote the conference, attend the conference, do a workshop at the conference, or provide a donation to help pay for the conference.

Invite them to this forum so that after the conference we can be working together to help programs apply the ideas they learn from each other, and to help communities organize August/September activities that motivate more people to become volunteers, donors, leaders, supporting one or more of the tutor/mentor programs in Chicago or any other community.

If you write a blog, put this message in your blog. If you use facebook, put this message in your Facebook notes. If you use Linked In, share this message with your friends, and in the groups that you participate in.  If you're a salesperson, set up meeting with people on your list and give them reasons, like this report, that show why businesses should strategically support employee and philanthropic involvement in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs.

As you share this information with others, share what  you are doing, who you are talking to and how you are communicating, with each other by posting reports in this forum. 

If a growing number of people take this role, we'll not only have more people doing workshops and participating in the conferences, we'll have more people reaching out to support all of the non profits who attend the conference, or who are listed in the Program Locator database.

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