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About 100 people attended the May conference and at least three have already offered to speak at a November conference. Others have suggested creating follow up meetings and groups that could continue the discussions from some of the sessions.

During the conference I did a workshop showing Tutor/Mentor Connectionresources.  I also talked about how our "collective effort" can overcome challenges we all face.  In addition I shared this information showing how I use media to unleash my own personal power, and how you can do that to.

This is a place to help make that happen. We want people who attended the conference to use this forum to share ideas, offer suggestions and start discussions and groups that follow the ideas started at the conference.

As you join the group, browse the previous discussions and join in on them, and look at the other groups on the site where you can also join.

You can Twitter the conference using

If you'd like to meet with Dan Bassill, just post a message and we can schedule a time.


Thank you all for attending and joining the Tutor/Mentor Connection

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The Tutor/Mentor Summit in Indianapolis will be held on August 13, 2011.  Visit this page and see how they point to the Tutor/Mentor Conference for inspiration.  You can also find details to sign up to participate.


The Tutor/Mentor Connection organization structure has changed, and it is no longer part of the Cabrini Connections non-profit structure. That means it is no longer a structure non-profit organization.  Dan Bassill has created the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and will operate the T/MC and host Nov. 2011 and May 2012 conferences via this structure until leaders and a new non profit structure can be created. 


In order for a November conference to be held in Chicago we need to find donated space for a one, or two-day event. Finding corporate sponsors who will provide at least $10,000 in operating funds to host T/MC web sites, and organize the conference, is also a need.  I hope you'll help so we can continue to be a model for others.


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