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September 18-19, 2008, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA. I have not attended this event before, but I spoke to the California Mentor Foundation today and found out about their National Mentor Summit. It is a gathering of elected officials, mentor coalition members, business leaders, mentor programs staff, educators, celebrities and youth. They celebrate the mentor movement, provide an environment for public policy development and offer training workshops for best practices in mentoring. Launched in 2001, the event was originally the California Mentor Summit. For more info, send an email to info@calmentor.org or check the website at: http://www.calmentor.org/newsandevents_current.fsp

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It would be great to see the organizers of the LA summit create a group on ning.com that encourages people attending their event to talk to each other, and connects them with us and others.

In 2000 we began a survey, which you can see at http://jordan-webb.net/tmc which asked "what the important issues were" for conference participants. If a similar survey were hosted at each conference, and on the internet, we'd begin to see that we face common challenges, and this could lead to more willingness to collaborate to overcome those challenges.


I met Nalini in 2008 after meeting her husband Bob, who created and still hosts the Crossroads of Learning network and web platform. 


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