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Connecting Big City Capacity Building Strategies to Support all tutor/mentor programs

Hi Nalini,

Thanks for setting up this discussion group within the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum. My hope is that leaders from other big cities will do the same, and that we can then innovate ways to work together to get multi-state corporations, foundations, media, celebrities, etc. to use their time, talent and money to draw volunteers and dollars directly to each of the programs who are working in our cities to help kids.

As you know we use the Chicago Program Links to enable volunteers and donors to find tutor/mentor programs in different parts of Chicago, and we've set up a LA Program Links section that can do the same for programs in LA. As you add programs, or encourage them to add themselves, invite them to join your group, and create a profile for themselves and their program, so that they can contribute to the growth of this community, while also working with us and each other to help increase the flow of resources to themselves and everyone else connecting volunteers with inner city kids.

As others join this group, I encourage you to browse the Library on the T/MC site, to see the range of articles and information that you can use in supporting your own program, or of helping more tutor/mentor programs grow in your own community.

I'll look forward to helping this group grow.

Dan Bassill
Tutor/Mentor Connection

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2016 update:  Since this LA connection never gained traction, the section on the www.tutormentorconnection.org web library pointing to LA programs has been made inactive.  


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