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Katie and Anne,

Let's divide the conversation into three parts. In the area where you've posted your first work, let's keep talking about ways to display SNA info, and challenges you  might be having. Let's also try to recruit others, since it looks like Jonathan won't be able to stay involved.

In this discussion let's talk about how SNA can be used for the conference in May. I'd like to be able to create a presentation/workshop, showing what the potential for SNA is, and how it helps us show the growth of the network being supported by the conferences and the T/MC.  Valdis had some suggestions on this, which I encourage him to repeat here.

Then, in a third disucssion, let's talk about how we might map the networks for our teens. I'll copy some of what you wrote into that one, as a starting point, then offer my thoughts. 

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I added two slides. Let me know if you think they are helpful.

I will be there about 8:45 tomorrow to register and hear the first speaker. I am looking forward to sharing what we've been working on.

I will not be able to stay beyond the presentation because I work in the afternoon, but we can follow up at a later date.

I also want to let you know that I sent an email out to Dominican's office. It has yet to be forwarded to the student-body, but hopefully they will send it out today.

Looks good. The network expanded today by another 75-100 people who attended the conference. I'll see you in the morning.

Katie, thanks for sharing this information with me at the conference and for asking your Dad to attend. If everyone who has some contact with us invites just one person they know to help us as a volunteer, donor, sponsor, etc. we'd have more of the support we need, and more tools and resources to help the kids and tutor/mentor programs we work with.

This conference was attended by people from Canada, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana. Mapping who they are and how they became aware of the conference, as well as how they stay connected in the next few months, would help each of them be more connected to each other.

I'll look forward to what you and Anne, and hopefully others, can do over the summer.

I really enjoyed going and wish I would have had time to attend more of the sessions. I think the people that came to our section seemed really interested in what we were presenting.

Hopefully we are able to find more volunteers to help us, because I think that as we look at mapping larger amounts of people/organizations, that would help with having the time.

I would like first to create a survey for the participants in our discussion class room. I have the list of attendees, I just don't want to place their names here for privacy reasons. In total, I have 7, not including you or me. I would like to create this survey in the next week, so that the conference is still fresh in people's mind. I will try to have it complete and ready to email out by Friday, June 11. If you or Anne have any ideas on what questions to ask, please let me know. Otherwise, I will try to model it off some of Vladis' examples.

Good plan. Let's keep focusing on the conference mapping so we can try to find more help. Then we can start trying to do the youth mapping.

Of course, if it can be framed to a donor, as a proposal, they might be more willing to invest in the youth mapping first. The donor could be a faculty adviser, PhD student, or philanthropist who would put up cash for you or others to do this work on a paid basis.
I just posted a blog article on Ning with a map of conference participants that I created with Power Point. I have saved the list of attendees, as an Excel file, in the SNA Project file folder. Katie offered good suggestions for following up from the conference. Let's work on these. Let's also look for others who might offer their own time to help. There's lots that we could be mapping.
. Who were new people that you met at the Breakout Session? Please list. Please indicate if you have had any further contact with them.

2. Did you have contact with anyone that attended the Breakout Session previously? And how closely connected were you on a scale of 1-4, 1 being that you have met, 2 you have had a small?

_________________________________________ 1 2 3 4
_________________________________________ 1 2 3 4
_________________________________________ 1 2 3 4
_________________________________________ 1 2 3 4

I think this should provide us with the information to map the group
Would you want to add a question three, which would be who have you had contact with since meeting them at the conference?
Dan, I think that is a good question. We should add it. I also just noticed that my last sentence on question 2 should be ".... 1 being that you have met, 2 you have had minimal amounts of interaction, 3 that there has been a moderate amount of interaction, and 4 that you are closely connected.
This evening I emailed out the survey for those that attended the conference. I look forward to getting the results and making the map! If you are interested in helping, let me know!
Karina Walker and Bradley Troast have been hosting meetings with Chicago tutor/mentor programs. At the same time, Karina has been going through the Program Locator list and Links Library to update contact information on all programs. Since she and Bradley are new to T/MC (Bradley in 2nd year with us), they are expanding their own network, as they help other programs connect to each other.

I'd like to have someone mapping the growth of Karina and Bradley's networks, using inFlow, to show how this expands from year to year, and to show how this results in more people taking part in the conferences or recruitment collaboration, working with us, or with each other.
Kalyani sent me the jpg below, showing the May 2008 conference participation. She said "I have created a inFlow map for the May 08 conference based on Katie's excel sheet. I feel that the map is still not very clear, as we are representing large amount of data. I have used the organizations as the nodes and they are linked to T/MC through the conferences. I have numbered the organizations instead of using the organization names to make the map look more clear. We can provide a list of organizations corresponding to the numbers on the map later. Let me know what do you think about the map."

I have some ideas of how to tell the story of this conference, but I'd like to invite others to look at this and give their thinking first. Please post your suggestions.


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