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So far we have not been able to keep people involved consistently in the mapping we're doing to go beyond mapping the conferences. However, if we can find another volunteer/team to work with the SNA project I'd like to create a survey that could be used to map the network of people gathering on this Ning site.

We have over 300 members and they come from different countries. That could be mapped. If we could do this it would provide a visual demonstration of how we're connecting people from different places in an on-line forum, as well as in the place based conferences.

Of the 300 members many have joined sub groups, such as this SNA group. We could create a map showing what sub groups people are in. We could also show how people who are part of more than one sub group are connecting the people in each group with each other.

We might also show who is writing blogs, and how many they have posted, as a means of showing weight of participation.

If members also are attending the Chicago conferences we could map that connection. 

If the survey is put on line perhaps people could fill it in as they join. Or if we have a team of students monitoring the site, they could update the survey as people join different groups or post blogs.

I'm sure there are other opportunities. First we need to find the manpower.

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I continue to look for volunteers and/or sponsors to help with the Social Network Analysis goals outlined on this page. At the same time I'm continuing to find new ways to visualize networks and networks of ideas.  Here are two.

Crowdmap -was pointed out to me today by an email contact from Ohio.  It offers a way for members of a group, such as NING to add themselves to the map. This reduces the work on a few people to gather and input all data.


Debategraph is also interactive, and I don't think it was designed with Social Network Analysis in mind. However, by adding your own ideas to the map it shows the connection of ideas and the people behind the ideas. I've set up this discussion. http://debategraph.org/mentoring_kids_to_careers


Part of mapping the network is intended to identify people who will do the work the network needs to have done and/or who will help find resources.  If you know of new applications of interest, post them in this or another group on the Ning Site. If you want to do some of the work I'd like your help. 



I've wanted to build in a capacity to map the networks that have come together as a result of the work of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC but have never had the talent and time to do this.

This changed over the May-June 2012 period when Chul Wan Park, and intern from IIT and Korea, learned to use Gephi.com SNA software to do a set of maps showing the growth of the Tutor/Mentor Connection Ning network since 2007. Thepresentation can be seen here.

A second presentation was done by Mina Song, showing why network building is important to the work of the T/MC. It can be seen here.


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