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Recently, I received training on Inflow software. This software performs data and network analysis. It maps relationship between different nodes/people based on their shared features.

This software is very easy to use and generates maps with excellent clarity. It exports data from existing database to excel file and saves it in ".csv" form. It allows the user to create nodes based on the records in the excel file. After creating the nodes, the next step is to link the nodes based on the relationships between different nodes/people present  in the network. Once the connection is established, the network map can be generated.

Interestingly, I have used a similar kind of software called "Network Simulator-2" in my graduate program. This software analyzes network traffic between different computers connected in a network. In NS-2, each system acts as a "node" and "link"between the systems shows the traffic flow between the two systems. I hope my experience with the NS-2 software will be helpful in learning the InFlow Software. 

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Kalyani -- This is great and think your experience with NS-2 will be hugely beneficial.
My next action on this project will be to finish creating and share the node file I've started for the past conferences so we can all be working with a standardized vocabulary. This will help streamline the process of creating maps in InFlow for that process. Once we have that baseline, different people can create link files with the existing attendance data for different years. That's one way those new to InFlow can get used to the software before we start dealing with the more difficult task of creating surveys and interpreting the results into link files for InFlow maps.
Kalyani, thank you for joining us. The Network Simulator experience will be very valuable. And thank you Anne for helping keep this project moving forward.
The following maps shows relationship between the members of the SNA group. Me and Karina received training on the InFlow software on 08.04.10. I have created two maps, one showing the interaction in SNA group after addition of two new members to the group and another map showing the interaction in the group after the training on 08.04.10.


I have used a scale of (0-4) to show the strength of relationship between the members in the SNA group.

0- no interaction.
1- have met at the Ning site but not in person.
2- met only at the InFlow training.
3- met more than once after the InFlow training.
4- have a regular/ongoing relationship.


SNA Group Map before training:

SNA Group Map after training:

Here's the blog article Valdis Krebs wrote last November, showing how he became connected to me, then to the rest of the network. It shows a progression.

I encourage you to do another version of this, showing changes in the network since January. Jonathan and Ahmed did not continue after the February training, although they are still connected via this Ning group. Kalyani and Anne have moved to the lead.

This dynamic will change over time. Can we show that change, and how different people are taking the lead to keep the project growing in it's ability to meet the goals of the Tutor/Mentor Connection?
This is the blog article Kalyani wrote showing the growth of the group since last November.


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