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Thanks to Nicola Avery, I've learned to use CamStudio to create videos that I can use to share ideas that I've posted as pdf essays and blog articles. This video describes the OHATS, Organizational History and Tracking System, that T/MC launched in 2000.


View the PDFthat is being described in this video and follow along as you listen.


In this link you can view videos that Nicola created as she browsed through the OHATS web site to learn its features.


Visit the other discussion sections of this Ning group to learn about the goals and information being described in each of the metrics charts on OHATS


Thank you Nicola for helping us move to this level of communications.

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This video by Dr Richard Hale, Professor of Action Learning at IMCA Business School, Europe & Africa, discusses the role of the Action Learning Facilitator in supporting action learning in organisations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdzXv9MVSU0

This model underpins the Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation programme www.actionlearningfacilitator.com

From 1999-2002 Dr. Steve Roussos took the role of action learning facilitator. No one has been in that role since then and volunteers or research partners are needed to move this forward.


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