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In the pdf report summarizing actions documented from 2000 to 2002 is a category of endorsements. This is not summarized on the current version of OHATS, but it is an addition we will make as soon as possible.

Endorsements are indicators of external support for the T/MC mission and approach. These events include examples of other organizations attempting to adopt one or more T/MC strategies for their own community.

Endorsements were reports of people outside of T/MC that contacted T/MC directly or spoke of T/MC in a listserv or news article in a way that acknowledged the value of T/MC’s methods and outcomes or that indicated replication of T/MC’s methods. Many of these endorsements come from outside Chicago and throughout the U.S. and some from other countries. (These results regarding endorsement of T/MC should be followed in later study to better understand how other organizations are modeling and improving on T/MC’s approach.)

You can register to view the actions documented in T/MC OHATS and this will enable you to see for yourself the number of actions which would be considered endorsements. Click the login page and fill in the requested information. Once you are approved you will be able to review the archives of past actions, and see the impact of additional actions. (Note: OHATS works best in Internet Explorer.)

As you review OHATS, our goal is that you will want to become a partner of the T/MC and that you will begin to act intentionally to achieve one or more of the goals which we are documenting. Once you do that you can be added as a recorder, and you will be able to log in and document actions you have taken to build more and better tutor/mentor programs to serve economically disadvantaged kids. Over time, a sort of the T/MC OHATS may show that it is YOU who have become the tipping point, solving problems that none of us have been able to solve in the past, and creating real change in the way we help kids move from poverty to careers.

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Thank you to those who have joined this group. OHATS was introduced to the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1999 by Steve Roussos, who was then in a PhD program at the University of Kansas. Steve was part of a work-group on health promotion which was working with a variety of different groups. They developed an on-line documentation tool to help them understand the contributions of different partners to the over all goals of the group over an on-going period of time.

Steve and T/MC were able to get a small grant to build a T/MC OHATS in 1999 which we launched in mid 2000. The original OHATS did not have reporting functions built in, so the PDF we refer to above, was the only report produced from data collected through 2002. The original donor would not give more money after the first year, so we did not have money for Steve to continue to develop and update the data collection tool, or develop automated reporting, thus, by 2003 we were getting fewer users, and were getting more spam. This caused almost closure from 2004-2006.

In mid 2007 a new volunteer came forward and completely rebuilt the OHATS to what you see today. We are beginning to get more documentation from the CC, T/MC staff, but still have bugs in the system, and no researcher/evaluator working with us in the way Steve was, to create reports and make sense of the data we're collecting.

If you're with a university, or foundation, and want to invest time or money with us, please join us. On line systems are beginning to get visibility. Here are two articles to read:

Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact, by Mark Kramer, Marcie Parkhurst, and Lalitha Vaidyanathan, FSG Social Impact Advisors, 2009
Information on the Strive Initiative:


Note that these systems have multi-million dollar investments. The T/MC OHATS was created with a $15,000 grant and has had no consistent donor investment since 2000. Yet we have a documentation tool with over 1200 actions documented to show what we are doing to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operate in all parts of the Chicago region.

This represents a tremendous, low-cost opportunity for someone to get involved.


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