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Connect knowledge, volunteers, youth and make a difference.

Five interconnected strategies guide actions and events employed by T/MC: Public Awareness, research, resource building, technology, training, and networking events. Each of these strategies, and thus the events and actions that they represent, are interconnected and simultaneous.

For instance, T/MC research on tutor/mentor programs characteristics and needs is not only a fact-finding activity, but also a process of building awareness of what programs exist and building a connection between programs. Every new contact documented in OHATS represents a new piece of knowledge in this research. The T/MC contact database that began with 400 people in 1993 now has over 14,000 contacts is one sign of this growth of knowledge. Another example of the interconnection across strategies is how technology (as a strategy) is also a resource, but is so important to the T/MC mission that it is documented separately. All events that T/MC leads are strategically designed to generate public awareness, resources, and training.

On the bottom of the metrics page, are links to T/MC web sites such as the Program Locator, Map Gallery, and Links Library, which represent this on-going activity intended to support the growth of tutor/mentor programs.

These results show that the largest amount of action emphasized public awareness, resource building and training. This reflects the T/MC priority of enlarging the number of adults, resource providers, etc. who get involved with this movement. Public awareness and training examples include stories generated in Chicago newspapers, radio and TV stations, as well as interactions on Internet discussion groups that are intended to raise awareness of key issues for tutor/mentoring and outreach and training services to programs and organizations.

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In 1993 when we created the T/MC there were four goals:

Collect and share information about tutor/mentor programs

Increase frequency of media stories, so more people looked at the information

Help people understand the information, so they can use it in their own actions

Facilitate this understanding so it leads to a more consistent flow of volunteers and donors to tutor/mentor programs, while helping each program constantly improve their own efforts to keep kids and volunteers connected.

We've been documenting what we do to achieve those goals since 2000 and this chart shows that we've done close to 1000 actions intended to increase visibility, while we've documented over 600 actions that help people understand and use the information.

You can look at these metrics on the T/MC OHATS page. If you want to become a partner, and record your own actions toward these goals, just let me know.
I was interviewed today for a CBS-New York news story that may show on Friday, if it is not pushed aside by the Olympic Games story. I documented this event on OHATS, showing how our efforts to get media stories, increases the number of people who will visit our web sites, and learn where, and how, they might get involved in tutor/mentor programs.
All of the OHATS links have changed. View them at http://www.tutormentorprogramlocator.net/OHATS/Metrics.aspx


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