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With the internet growing at the speed of light it can sometimes be difficult to find places to share your knowledge and experiences about Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connections. With this group, my hope is that together we can show the many places there are to post our knowledge.

I currently post on Facebook, Twitter, and am in the process of starting my own Craigslist blog (I bet none of you knew that Craigslist had blogs...) Though I am posting in 2 almost 3 sites, I would like to find other mediums in which to post information on Cabrini Connections to get the word out there more.

If any of you know of other places to post, please share!

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I did not know Craigslist had blogs.

One simple thing I do to promote my blog/Cabrini Connections is put the link (http://cabrinipip.blogspot.com/) in my e-mail signature and my Google Talk/GChat status.
Have any of you visited The Daily Influence, or registered to use NET VIBES? This is hosted by Ogilvy, a huge public relations and advertising company.

I'd like to see one or more of our interns/staff or Ning friends set up shop in this space and see if we can attract attention to Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection and other tutor/mentor programs.
Friendfeed - although popularity has changed is a good option
Setting up a Tutor/Mentor Connection or Cabrini Connections site on Amplify can also help with sharing to multiple places at once, e.g http://nicolaavery.amplify.com/

Some colleagues I know also use Tumblr and Posterous
Here is an interesting site called webiversity.org that aggregates videos and web casts and ties them into discussions on facebook.  If any of you decide to use this post some comments showing how this works for you.


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