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For the past five years interns from IIT have worked with the Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago for 6 seeks periods in the winter and spring.  They have been asked to view articles I've written on the Tutor/Mentor blog and create new visualizations that re-interpret these in new ways. The goal is that this helps the intern better understand the Tutor/Mentor Institute's 4-part strategy and it helps attract the attention an understanding of people who are part of the Intern and University network.

This animated presentation describing the Tutor/Mentor Institute strategy was created by one of our IIT interns.

Browse these discussion threads to see some of the work being done, and how we communicate via this Ning space as the interns are working on these projects.

Spring 2011 projects

Winter 2011 projects

Spring 2010 projects

While one or two interns work with us in Chicago our larger goal is that students in high schools and colleges from many locations will join in and work on the same projects so that instead of a single interpretation there will be many different perspectives and many more people viewing these.

The projects for Winter 2012 will be listed below once we determine what interns will be working with us and what their skills are.

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These are two graphics created in the late 1990s by volunteers working with the Junior League of Chicago in a Tutor/Mentor Connection collaboration project. I've been using these often when I want to convey the "feeling" of mentoring, but not show specific images.

Shown blow these images is the Mentoring stamp created for the US Post Office in early 2000s.  In this Winter's Jan-Feb intern project I'd like to invite our intern(s) to use the photos we have of tutors/mentors and people attending the tutor/mentor conference to create a set of new images that we can use in the future to create an emotional and intuitive connection with potential volunteers and donors.

If other programs would like to participate, encourage youth youth and volunteers to work together in teams to create images and graphics that communicate the warmth, love and connectedness of mentoring without providing images of specific people. Post your ideas as you create them so your work can inspire others. If you have questions post them here.

I'd like to turn this into a competition and award program and need to find a business/sponsor who would help us do that. Since we'll do this on the internet and the images can be used by any of us the sponsor could be from anywhere in the US or the world. A multinational corporation woudl be a great sponsor!

This is one of the graphics I've created to illustrate the thinking that needs to take place in business, philanthropy, government, community collaborations, etc. in every city if we're to have enough youth-serving resources available to overcome the challenges of high poverty.  I wrote about this on this blog article.  I hope that the interns who join me in January 2012 can create a new interpretation of this idea during the time they are with us.

I also hope that youth from other tutor/mentor programs, high schools and colleges in Chicago and other cities and states will also join in on this project, and will provide their own interpretation of this idea. Instead of using Chicago as the example, use your own city, or another city where there are similar concentrations of high poverty and poor schools. 

If you choose to work on this project just join the group and introduce yourself. Post your project as a PPT or PDF and describe your work in the blog articles that you can write via your profile page. 

I've uploaded a power point I'm working on that attempts to show how our outreach on Ning, Facebook, Linked in and other media, plus our traditional networking with friends, family and co-workers is intended to increase the number of people working with Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and who are working to help mentor-rich programs connect volunteers and inner city youth in thousands of places where such programs are needed.

Can you redo this presentation in a new version of PPT, where you interpret this with your own creativity? Or can you reinterpret it in some other way?  You might just pick one set of graphics from the entire presentation and try to interpret it.

I've revised the PPT that I referred to in my last post. It is attached.


This is one of the projects that this winter's IIT interns have been working on. This is an animation that you can see at



If you view the message I posted on Dec. 9th you can see that I invited our interns to create new graphics to interpret the tutor/mentor interaction in an organized program.

They used pictures like this one to create the animated version. Can you see this in the graphic?

This shows how creative and talented students can be. I hope that students from high schools and colleges all over the world will join in on this project so more students are learning what it takes to build and sustain tutor/mentor programs in more places, and are learning to communicate their understanding to people they know in unique and creative ways.

Final set of questions


What is one new idea you learned during your internship


What is one new skill you learned


Write a paragraph describing the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection to your parents


What was most difficult about this internship?


What idea from this internship do you think will be most useful to you in the next few years?

 I came from South Korea to IIT through a Professional Learning Program to pursue greater opportunities and broaden my knowledge.now i am working at Tutor/Mentor institute as a intern. i tought this program will help me a lot for my future career and also I believed I can be a contribution to my company. sincerely, i've learned a lot of things during my internship. my major is history that means working  what i've done in here is totally new field to me.Trying to connect with the students who were interns in the past and people who are in my social network was meaningful work. to be more concrete, i realized about an importance of social networking through this job.


Over the first few days of my internship I’ve done visiting the profiles of the other interns who have been here and also I read lots of articles about Tutor/Mentor Institute. During six weeks, I and Stella have created a variety of things with new ideas to promote and advertise Tutor/Mentor Institute. We tried to find trend and wanted to use trend this time. To be more add, we created some animation and movie for Tutor/Menor and learned how to use blog posting to communicate with others.


Tutor/Mentor Institute want to share some information about how can we intend to be a social problem and how can we focus on the challenges poor kids face in moving from birth to jobs. Also, Tutor/Mentor connection in Chicago want to help similar groups grow in other cities. This company is not incorporated as a non-profit so that they can be more flexible in how they attract investors and partners.

My English skill is not that good. Even I am totally sure my company and I had very smooth communications, but sometimes my poor English skill made me hard.

Thank you Sung Hee. You've done a great job of showing how students from other countries can learn about the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and then share what they are learning via a variety of communications formats.  As you keep practicing this you'll get better and better. When I started becoming an advertising writer 38 years ago I did not know how to write and compose on a free-flow basis like I do now. It's a result of practice and learning from others that I've build my own abilities as well as my commitment to helping volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs be available in more places.

This is project that Song Mi Lee created to draw attention to Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.


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